Monday, 12 September 2016

[Tutorial] Play Pokemon GO 0.37.0 on Rooted Android Devices and CyanogenMod

With the lastest Update to Pokemon GO (0.37.0) Niantic blocks Android Users with Root or CyanogenMod from playing the game, using a Google API service named SafetyNet. It took a half day for the developer-community at XDA-Developers to figure out how to play Pokemon GO on these devices.

The same Tutorial in GERMAN

So you don't have to search long, heres a complete tutorial for you.

First things first: This Tutorial is NOT for cheaters, you're spoiling the game for real players and this workaround won't let you use cheats, where you need root, anyways.

Warning: Like always, I am not responsible for any lost data or harm on your hardware.

The tutorial explains how you first will remove root access and then install an app for toggling root access.


You'll need the following, but don't download nor install now, we'll come to that later:

Whether you want to use SuperSu or phh's SuperUser is your decision, for me only the variant with Chainfire's SuperSU worked.


Let's start


  1. Delete Pokemon GO Data and uninstall
  2. (CyanogenMod Only) Settings > Developer Settings > Root Access > Apps Only
  3. (Optional) install TWRP Recovery with this App
  4. (Optional) download unSU-Skript to SD card
  5. download Magisk from the first post to SD card
  6. download SuperSu or phh's SuperUser again HERE from the second post to SD card
  7. install this App: SafetyNet Helper
  8. install Chainfires SuperSu from the Play Store for Unroot
  9. open SuperSU and give Root Access
  10. SuperSu > Gear-Symbol > scroll down > Complete Unroot
  11. The Smartphone might reboot several times now
  12. Deactivate Root in Settings > Developer Settings > Root Access
2: Activate Root Access in CyanogenMod

Install Magisk

  1. in the Developer Settings activate Advanced Reboot Menu
  2. Reboot to Recovery
  3. (Optional) re-flash your Kernel, Custom ROM and GApps
  4. Wipe Cache and Wipe Dalvik
  5. Flash
  6. Flash (X is the version number)
  7. Flash or (file names can be different)
  8. Reboot
  9. After reboot download Pokemon GO 0.37.0
  10. Settings > Developer Settings > Root Access > Apps Only
  11. download Magisk Manager App and install
  12. (phh's SuperUser only) install phh's SuperUser from the Play Store
  13. open phh's SuperUser or SuperSU and give Root Access
  14. open Magisk Manager and give permanent Root Access
  15. Toggle Root Switch to Off
15: Root is temporarily disabled

Install Pokemon GO 0.370

  1. (Optional) start SafetyNet-Helper and run test, when green proceed
  2. install Pokemon GO 0.37.0 and launch it
  3. (Optional) if you ever need root again, simply close Pokemon GO and Toggle the Switch in Magisk Manager again
1: SafetyNet Test
CyanogenMod 13

2: start Pokemon GO

That's it :)

Let me know your experience.

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